Dixie Adoptables has many fundraisers throughout the year to help us with the high cost of running the shelter and providing care for so many animals.

Our current fundraiser is:
Dixie Adoptables @ Lucedale Animal Shelter – Facility Improvements on Crowdrise


There are other ways to donate, even if we don’t have a current fundraiser active:

One Time Donation

If you don’t want to wait for a fundraiser or just want to help us out, you can donate any amount you want to using PayPal. Some suggested donations and examples of what we can do with them are:

  • $500
    • Heartworm treatment for two medium dogs or one large dog
    • Spay/Neuter for 8 dogs or cats
    • Vaccinations, wormer, and microchips for 15 dogs or cats
  • $250
    • Cleaning and maintenance supplies for 1 month
    • New kennel beds for 5 dogs
  • $100
    • Microchips for 8 animals
    • Full intake care for one animal (shots, microchip, spay/neuter, wormer, flea treatment)
  • $50
    • Spay/Neuter for one animal
    • Microchip for 4 animals
    • Vaccines, microchip, wormer, and flea treatment for one animal
  • $20
    • Microchip and vaccines for one animal
    • Food for a month for one animal


We depend on donations to do what we do…but there are more ways to donate than just giving money:

 Amazon Smile

amazonsmile-logo540 How many times do you order something from during a year? What if you could make a donation to Dixie Adoptables each time you ordered without it costing you any extra? With Amazon Smile, you can!

When you order something from, simply use the address and set Dixie Adoptables as your charity of choice. They will do the rest!





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